About us

Fuelled by operational excellence. Powered by passionate people.

Our company

Delivering world-class drilling services

ADES is a world-leading international provider of oil and gas drilling services. Headquartered in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, with a highly-trained workforce of over 8000+ employees, we operate an elite portfolio of offshore and onshore rigs across the globe. We pride ourselves of providing safe, client-centric drilling service through our world-class operational excellence programs and hand-picked workforce.

Our resilient business model and optimized cost structure have driven our growth from humble beginnings as a single-string operation two decades ago, to our industry-leading position today as the world’s leading provider of offshore drilling services.

Operating Countries

Continuous global expansion


Highly skilled team members

Drilling Rigs

Offshore and onshore

Our Approach

Inspiration, satisfaction, and reward

By inspiring our people, meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations, and rewarding our investors, we are able to maintain our position as the drilling service provider of choice.

We continuously strive to provide our clients with top-tier performance leveraging our cutting-edge technology, quality-driven management teams, and highly experienced and trained workforce.

Values & Culture

Success shaped by
safety, agility, and trust

We believe that maintaining strong values is essential to our success and continued growth. We strive to uphold these values for the benefit of our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders alike.

Safety is our TRUE NORTH

Safety underpins all our values. Our commitment to our people is that everyone should get back home safely.

Clients' First Choice

We deliver premium, world-class services to our clients, identifying their needs and going the extra mile.

Brave Ownership

Taking full responsibility for our work and exploring all opportunities for improvement.

Trust in Action

We are trustworthy in our words, actions, and decisions – working resourcefully and effectively.

Agility & Pace

Delivering our best performance at pace and adapting effectively to new situations.

Humble Family

One loyal family, underpinned by teamwork and collaboration.