Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Sustainability

QHSSE is our Priority

Leading – the safe way, the right way

We are committed to delivering world-class services through the implementation of the best QHSSE standards and practices where we adopt a systematic approach to identify, manage, and prevent the risks involved in our day-to-day operations.

QHSSE Policy

We established our QHSSE Policy to emphasize our commitment to provide safe and efficient drilling operations both onshore and offshore. This policy guides us to demonstrate our commitment to health, safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement, and community care across all ADES facilities.

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Core ADES Management

Ensuring efficient, safe, and world-class service

At ADES, we prioritize the health, safety, and security of both our workforce and the environment, while providing world-class quality services. That’s why we have successfully established our own Core ADES Management System (CAMS).

The CAMS is a risk-based integrated management system, designed to guarantee the highest levels of service, safety, and environmental performance across all our operations. The system governs and controls all our processes, highlighting areas of improvement and streamlining where we can.

CAMS complies with the highest QHSSE international standards, every step of the way.

8 Keys to Incident-Free

Safety is our TRUE NORTH

Our pledge to our people is that everyone should return home safely, our 8 keys ensure this pledge is always front and center.